Mar 30

My Purple and Pink ColourPop Lipsticks

Hello again! The other day I went through all of my red and brown ColourPop shades and today I have another batch to show you. This group is bigger, with a total of 9 lipsticks in this colour family. I think these shades have most of my favourites and I wear them most often. These are my purple and pink ColourPop lipsticks and they are a mix of different formulas.

The purple and pink ColourPop lipstick shades I have

The purple and pink ColourPop lipstick shades I have

In this batch I have Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte Lips, Ultra Satin Lips, and one more Ultra Metallic Lip. Keep reading to see swatches of all 9 of these purple and pink ColourPop lipsticks.

ColourPop lip products

Another batch of ColourPop lip products

The shades shown in the swatch photos are the following colours: Dopey, Viper, 3-Way, LBB, Panda, Whip, More Better, I Heart This, and Poppin.

Swatches of my purple and pink ColourPop lipsticks

Swatches of my purple and pink ColourPop lipsticks

If I have reviewed the shade or talked about it elsewhere I have linked to that. I added a little note about each and included a labelled swatch photo so it will be easy to compare shades.


Dopey: This was one of my very first ColourPop items and I love the dusty mauve shade. This is an Ultra Satin Lip and it dries slightly darker than it looks in the tube.

Viper: This Ultra Matte Lip is described on the ColourPop site as a “dusty rose” but on me it pulls towards a very deep mauve. In the tube it looks way different and it definitely surprised me when I first bought it.

3-Way: This is an Ultra Metallic Lip and I love it. It is a plum shade with gold glitter and it looks incredible. This is one of my all time favourite ColourPop lipsticks.

LBB: I recently compared this to MAC Rebel in a weekly lipstick post and it definitely is similar. This is a Matte Lippie Stix shade I got in the Staycation Set and I love this bold berry hue.

Panda: I totally bought this for the name but I do love the bold grape purple shade of this Ultra Satin Lip. It is probably the patchiest of all my purple and pink ColourPop shades but with a light touch you can make two coats work perfectly

Whip: This is a Sheer Lippie Stix shade that is now discontinued, but it is such a great shade that I wear often. In the tube it looks super bold and bright but since it is a sheer formula I get a nice light wash of colour that I can build up.

More Better: This is a mini Ultra Matte Lip from the Foxy Set and it is a very deep pink shade. It almost has a slight fuchsia hue and is a lovely bold colour.

I Heart This: Another Matte Lippie Stix from the Staycation Set. This is a red-based fuchsia shade and it is very pigmented and bold.

Poppin: This is a Matte X Lippie Stix shade which makes it super pigmented, matte, and thick. It is a great bright hot pink raspberry shade and it applies really smoothly.

Labelled swatches of my purple and pink ColourPop lipsticks

Labelled swatches of my purple and pink ColourPop lipstick shades


It is tough to choose favourites from these because I love them all. 3-Way is so unique and I love the metallic look so it gets a top spot, and Poppin is a great bold shade that lasts all day so it gets spot too. I would have to include Dopey, Whip, and More Better as my last few favourites of this bunch.

Do you own any of these purple and pink ColourPop lipsticks or do you have another favourite shade? Let me know in the comments!