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Aug 16

The Shopper’s Drug Mart Teen Pack: Amazing Deal

Today I have the Shopper’s Drug Mart Teen Pack to talk about, and this is an item that I actually look forward to every year. It comes out just before September as a sort of back to school launch. This pack is such a great value for some everyday drugstore items that people of any age would need.

It seems like it’s aimed at teens, young adults, or students who may be going to dorm rooms in college. I have my own apartment and am long out of school but I still buy one every single year.. There is also one called Gear For Girls which has many similar items with a few changes and there is a Boys Pack as well which I buy for my boyfriend every year.

The Teen Pack from Shopper's Drug Mart is such a great deal!

The Teen Pack from Shopper’s Drug Mart is such a great deal!

This package is only $11.99 Canadian and has over $47 value in it. To buy two or three of these items individually would probably cost me the same $12, so to get all of these pieces in one kit is a really great deal.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the Shopper’s Drug Mart Teen Pack!

Everything in the Teen Pack from Shopper's Drug Mart!

Everything in the Teen Pack from Shopper’s Drug Mart!

  • Dial Hydrating Bodywash in Hibiscus Water scent
  • Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm in Strawberry
  • U by Kotex Fitness Liners (10 count)
  • Dove Intense Repair Shampoo
  • GUM Ora-Clean Toothbrush
  • Shick Quattro For Women 4 Blade Razor
  • GUM Flossers (20 count)
  • Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Peel Off Mask
  • Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant in Shea Butter scent
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer Gel mini
  • Pixi by Petra LipLift Max in shade Honey Sheen
  • President’s Choice Facial Tissue (10 count)
  • Dove Moisturizing Beauty Bar Soap (2 count)

All of these items are great staple products. There is a body wash, shampoo, new toothbrush, razor, deodorant, soap…. Almost everything you need for a bathroom restock or your new dorm room bathroom.

Some of my favourites from this kit are the Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm, the Pixi by Petra Lip Lift Max and the Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Mask. I also love the Dove shampoo, the Dove soap and the Shick Quattro razor.

My favourites from the Teen Pack

My favourites from the Teen Pack

Overall I think the Shopper’s Drug Mart Teen Pack is super great deal and comes with a lot of good quality everyday items that you can use at home or away at school. . It has a great price tag and some really good brands included. I personally wait for this every year to buy myself one and the boy pack for my boyfriend. I think it’s a really good value and if you haven’t checked it out yet I would definitely suggest stopping by your local Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick one up.

Aug 11

A Few Summer Favourites

Since we only have a few weeks of summer left I decided to share the products I have been continually using and loving so far. Some are new, some are new to me, and some are quite old, but these are the items I have been reaching for day after day in the summer weather. Keep reading to see a few of my summer favourites so far!

A few of my summer favourites that I have been loving lately!

A few of my summer favourites that I have been loving lately!

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer SPF 30 in shade Medium: I’ve had this for a while now and really like it a lot. It’s super light and very creamy, but doesn’t feel thick or heavy to wear. I get light to medium coverage and I like that it has SPF. It doesn’t keep my oily skin completely matte but it does make it significantly better, especially in the summer heat.

Tarte TarteGuard Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30: This is something I have been really loving so far this summer. I got this mini in the Sephora Summer Essentials Kit and it has been a great on-the-go sunscreen. I don’t think there is anything super unique about it but I wanted to include it since I’ve been using it a lot lately.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in shade Paaarty: I keep reaching for this blush and have used it almost every day since I got it in my Sephora birthday gift. It does have quite a lot of pigment and I have to be a little light with my application, but I love the colour and really enjoy using it. I wear this for everyday looks and more glam looks, and can pretty much apply it without even thinking. The shade is a very nice light pink and has a lot of colour, so just a few swirls on my cheeks gives a really great colour payoff.

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer: This is not a new product but it was new to me when I purchased it in a Shopper’s Drug Mart points redemption. I had heard so many people raving about the product, and I love tropical coconut scents, so I knew I had to try it. I have now had this for a few months and have used it almost every single day. I love the light formula, the yummy scent, and the colour it delivers. I use a big fluffy brush and can build up the bronzer to get as much glow as I want. I love using this for light makeup days as well as full faces for evenings. This is probably the one product I have used the most often since the day I got it, and with a makeup bag as big as mine that is a big deal.

Julep Cushion Complexion 5-in-1 Skin Perfector with Turmeric: I have used this so much since I got it in my July Julep Maven Box. I love the coverage and it works great as an undereye concealer and for spot concealing. It lasts all day and is easy to apply and blend.

Essence Lash Princess False Effect Mascara: This is such a great product and it’s been one of my go-to mascaras for months now. I love both the Lash Princess Volume and Lash Princess False Effect mascaras equally and they give me incredible results for such an affordable price.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: This is a mini from the Sephora Favorites Lash Stash set and it’s the one I have been using the most. I haven’t yet redeemed my voucher for a full size but this Urban Decay mascara has gotten a ton of use so far.

So there we have it, a few of my summer favourites. I have been really liking these products and reaching for them all very often over the past few months and weeks. I know that my beauty routine will change when Fall comes but for now I am loving these summer favourites and will continue to use them this season.

Aug 1

Two Faves From The Body Shop Spa Of The World

Today I have two recent products from The Body Shop that I want to talk about. I have always really liked The Body Shop and love seeing all of the new skin care products they launch. Between the famous Body Butters, my go-to Tea Tree 3-in-1 Face Wash and Mask, or the delicious Satsuma scent, there are a lot of favourites from The Body Shop. I haven’t checked anything new in quite a while so I was really excited about the Spa Of The World Collection launch with a whole ton of new products. I am definitely behind on this as it has been out for a long time now, but these products have been what I’ve been reaching for all summer.

The Body Shop Spa Of The World African Ximenia Scrub

The Body Shop Spa Of The World African Ximenia Scrub

One of the products I want to talk about today is the The Body Shop Spa Of The World African Ximenia Scrub. This is a softening and exfoliating body scrub to be used after cleansing and then be rinsed off. I have used these types of scrubs before from other brands and there was something in them that seemed to be almost slimy and sticky, and it never quite seems to rinse off. I was worried about that when I first tried this one but luckily that wasn’t the case. This Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub has a wonderful fresh and clean scent that reminds me of a classic bar of soap. The scrub is not too grainy and is mixed into a really smooth formula that reminds me of the Body Butters.

I really liked the formula and texture of the African Ximenia Scrub

I really liked the formula and texture of the African Ximenia Scrub

I use this on clean wet skin and give it a gentle scrub before rinsing off. My skin feels super soft and smooth and has no oily residue. I love this product for summer since a lot more skin is out and I find t great for a smoothing and exfoliating cleanse after a day at the beach. I use this on my arms, legs, and just about everywhere in between.

The other product I wanted to mention is The Body Shop Spa Of The World Hawaiian Kukui Cream. I found the scent of this to be very similar to the Shea Body Butter scent, and the formula was quite similar too. It has the same super smooth and nourishing feel of the classic Body Butters but this one feels a little bit thinner and lighter. I actually quite liked that, as sometimes I do find the Body Butters can be thick and tricky to really blend all over my skin. The Hawaiian Kukui Cream is lighter in texture but still ultra-moisturizing and has a really nice smell. I have been using this after the African Ximenia Scrub and I love the combination.

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Hawaiian Kukui Cream

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Hawaiian Kukui Cream

Something that I really love about The Body Shop is that instead of putting out gimmicky products or flash fads, they create high quality staple items. These two products remind me just how much I love The Body Shop for skin care basics and every day items that I continually use. Both of these Spa Of the World items have become summer staples for me over the past few months and I am really enjoying them.


Have you tried anything from The Body Shop’s Spa Of The World Collection? Leave a comment and let me know!