Mar 16

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Nail Art

My freehand Leprechaun nail art for St. Patrick's Day!

My freehand Leprechaun nail art for St. Patrick’s Day!

Have you seen my St. Patrick’s Day rainbow pot of gold nail art yet? I did those a few days ago and then decided to follow up with another themed look today! This time I have St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun nail art to show you, which I did freehand again.

I normally don’t go all out for St. Patty’s but I had the idea for these and I figured they were just too cute not to try!

For this look I used China Glaze 2030 as my gold, Zoya Veruschka for my green, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pumpkin Queen for my orange. The white of the leprechaun’s eyes was done with Essie Coconut Cove and the black on his eyes and hat was done with Orly Liquid Vinyl, which has quickly become a staple polish for my nail art looks.

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Oct 6

Quick NOTD: Purple Swirl Nail Art

All my life I have always wanted beautiful long nails but it has taken me a lot of work to get them. I have to be very careful and once one breaks I end up going weeks with short nails. I recently broke one right on the side of the nail and decided that instead of cutting them all down I would be risky and try to reshape all my nails. I’ve always loved the look of almond nails so I took my time and attempted to file mine, and was really pleased with the result. I actually loved the shape on its own (even though it isn’t a perfect almond style) but I decided to spice it up with some purple swirl nail art.

This nail art was so simple to do but combined with my new almond nail shape I think it looks super fancy and I’m really pleased. The silver contrasts so well against the purple and I love the delicate swirl design.

Purple Swirl Nail Art

Purple Swirl Nail Art

What I used to get this look

The items I used for this purple swirl nail art look are the following items:

  • Zoya Savita for the purple base
  • Essie Loophole for the silver stamp colour
  • Konad Square Image Plate #14 for the design
  • Konad stamper and scraper
  • Base coat and top coat

Side note: Zoya Savita is actually a matte nail polish but once I finished the design I did a top coat so it went shiny. It is a beautiful colour both ways but with the stamping it needed some shine.

Another look at my purple swirl nail art

Another look at my purple swirl nail art

Overall this purple swirl nail art took only a few minutes to complete but looks really nice. I love the swirly design on the almond nails, and I love the almond nails on their own so I definitely plan to keep this shape for a while and experiment with more nail art.

Jul 22

Seasonal Summer Babe Box Review

After my first ever Babe Box, where I was left a little disappointed, I decided to give them another shot when they changed into a season subscription instead of monthly. I recently got my seasonal summer  Babe Box at the start of July, and once again I am left a little let down. I really had high hopes for awesome products in this new seasonal subscription, but most of what was included is just semi-interesting. The best part of this box was the mini Essie polishes.

Items in the Summer Babe Box

Items in the Summer Babe Box

What was included in the seasonal summer Babe Box?

  • COLAB Dry Shampoo Travel Size
  • Zevia Ginger Ale
  • Essie Summer 2016 Minis
  • I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry Bubble Bath Mini
  • Pro:voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo
  • Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume
  • Montagne Jeunesse Trial Size Face Mask

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Jun 18

Essie Dotted Nail Art

I have posted a few times in the past about the #31DC2016weekly nail art challenge that I have been doing on Instagram, and today I have another nail look to show you that is from this challenge. The look today is an Essie dotted nail art look, which I did using three of my favourite Essie nail polishes. The prompt for the theme this week was geometric, and although that can be interpreted many different ways I decided to go simple with a dotted manicure.

My Essie Dotted Nail Art Look

My Essie Dotted Nail Art Look

What colours did I use?

My base coat is two coats of Loot the Booty, a recent release from the summer collection. This shade on it’s own is a gorgeous navy shimmer with really pretty flecks of colour. I loved it alone and will be sure to swatch it soon. I got too excited to do my Essie dotted nail art so I jumped right into the design before taking any photos of the polish plain.

My Essie Dotted Nail Art Look

My Essie Dotted Nail Art Look

This Essie nail art look only required three polish colours and a dotting tool. To do my dots I used two different sized dotting tools, which I got on eBay ages ago. They have been my go-to for super simple nail art looks and I have gotten great use out of them over the years. One of the colours I chose to dot with was Apres Chic, which is an amazing silver metallic Essie polish. I love this shade alone and it looks like melted metal on the nail. It is a little thin but once you get the nail covered it looks incredible. The other shade I used was Viva Antigua, which is a super bright turquoise shimmer that looks like a crystal clear Caribbean ocean.

I love the combination of the navy and turquoise shimmers with the chic silver. This Essie dotted nail art look was so easy to do and didn’t really take much time, but it looks intricate and very neat to look at.

Jun 13

Essie Aim to Misbehave 1000th Shade

I have been posting a lot of nail polish posts lately, including strawberry nail art, a perfect mermaid nail colour, and my recent Julep Maven box, but this polish post is something extra special.

This year Essie released their 1000th shade of nail polish and it is a stunner. Essie Aim to Misbehave is a golden yellow shimmery shade that is super bright and bold. It definitely is a unique shade to celebrate this milestone and I had to make sure I didn’t miss out on such a special polish. Although most of my Essie polishes are classic hues like pink, red, or lighter shades, this yellow polish is a total standout. I don’t own very many yellow polishes and the few that I do are just plain creme yellows, so this shimmery golden one is unique to my collection.

Essie Aim to Misbehave - the 1000th Essie nail polish!

Essie Aim to Misbehave – the 1000th Essie nail polish!

Essie Aim to Misbehave looks gorgeous in the bottle and eve better on the nail. The classic bottle has been decorated with a celebratory cap, which I really like. The polish took me two coats to get a perfect colour payoff. I really like Essie brushes and find that they work well for my nail size. With the brush and the smooth, opaque formula this polish was a breeze to apply.

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Jun 9

Simple strawberry nail art

Today I have some really cute nail art to show you. I have often seen these nails on Pinterest and always wanted to try them myself, so I decided it was now or never. Just in time for summer I did some simple strawberry nail art, and I was surprised at how easy it was! The design looks a little tricky at first glance, and seeing all the amazing photos on Pinterest was a little intimidating, but this nail art look was actually really simple.

My simple strawberry nail art

My simple strawberry nail art

It was so easy to do this design and it hardly took any time at all!

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Apr 14

MoYou London Tropical Nail Art ft. Essie Find Me An Oasis

Today I have some cute blue MoYou London tropical nail art to show you. I was in the mood for something fresh and floral for Spring and was hoping it would will away the cold weather we have been having. It actually might have worked since it went from about 3 degrees to 10 in the last day.

MoYou London tropical nail art design with Essie 'Find Me An Oasis' as the base nail polish colour.

MoYou London tropical nail art design with Essie ‘Find Me An Oasis’ as the base nail polish colour

This is my first nail art design using MoYou London stamping plates. My mom picked a few up at Trade Secrets a few weeks ago and I have played with them here and there but never did a full manicure until this one. I loved the tropical plate for the fun floral designs and I think it went really nicely with the blue hues I used.

Supplies I used for the MoYou London tropical nail art design

Supplies I used for the MoYou London tropical nail art design

The base nail polish colour for my MoYou London tropical nail art is Essie ‘Find Me An Oasis’ and it was the name of this polish that sparked the idea to do a tropical floral design. ‘Find Me An Oasis’ is a super light blue that can look very pale and almost white in some lights. It is a really nice colour and I liked the lightness and softness of it on it’s own.

Essie 'Find Me An Oasis' is a super light blue nail polish

Essie ‘Find Me An Oasis’ is a super light blue nail polish

I used The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polish  ‘Mad About Blue’ to stamp the design. I wasn’t sure if that polish would work to stamp but it did just fine and I am pleased with the result. I love the contrast of the two shades of blue nail polish and overall felt like this was a cute and fresh look. I didn’t even mind that my nails are kind of short because this worked well with their length. My favourite one is the pinky finger where only the flower shows up and no leaves or other pieces of the design.

MoYou London tropical nail art using Essie 'Find Me An Oasis' as the base nail polish colour

MoYou London tropical nail art using Essie ‘Find Me An Oasis’ as the base nail polish colour

So there you have it – super simple MoYou London tropical nail art using Essie ‘Find Me An Oasis’ as a base colour. Easy and bright and it brought me a little sunshine this week!