Mar 16

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Nail Art

My freehand Leprechaun nail art for St. Patrick's Day!

My freehand Leprechaun nail art for St. Patrick’s Day!

Have you seen my St. Patrick’s Day rainbow pot of gold nail art yet? I did those a few days ago and then decided to follow up with another themed look today! This time I have St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun nail art to show you, which I did freehand again.

I normally don’t go all out for St. Patty’s but I had the idea for these and I figured they were just too cute not to try!

For this look I used China Glaze 2030 as my gold, Zoya Veruschka for my green, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pumpkin Queen for my orange. The white of the leprechaun’s eyes was done with Essie Coconut Cove and the black on his eyes and hat was done with Orly Liquid Vinyl, which has quickly become a staple polish for my nail art looks.

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Mar 13

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Pot of Gold Nail Art

St. Patrick's Day themed rainbow pot of gold nail art!

My freehand St. Patrick’s Day themed rainbow pot of gold nail art!


It’s another #ManiMonday and I have more nail art to show you! Today I have some St. Patrick’s Day nail art to share with you. I did this cute rainbow pot of gold nail art completely freehand and was pretty happy with the result.

These nails are fun and simple for St. Patty’s Day and I like the bright colours and variety of shades used.

Keep reading to find out how I did this rainbow pot of gold nail art look!

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Mar 6

Mani Monday: Purple Paisley Nail Art

Today I have some simple nail art to show you. This was super easy to do and didn’t take very long at all but I think it looks pretty good. Check out my purple paisley nail art below!

Purple Paisley Nail Art

Purple Paisley Nail Art

To get this purple paisley nail art I used one base shade, one stamping plate, scraper, and stamp, and one polish to stamp with. Super easy and quick!

The base polish is Formula X in the shade A Little Sexy. This is a metallic lavender silvery blue that looks great on its own and only needed one coat for full opacity! How much do you love one coat nail polishes? It makes painting my nails so much easier and I love finding shades that are that opaque. I wish I had snapped a photo of this polish before I stamped over it since it is such a nice colour.

I always forget how much I love Formula X polishes since I only have a few, but using this one made me want to pull out my others soon.

The stamping plate I used to get this purple paisley nail art look is a Konad image plate, number m64. I also used the Konad double ended stamper (I used the large end) and the Konad metal scraper.

Supplies used for my purple paisley nail art

Supplies used for my purple paisley nail art

purple paisley nail art

Purple Paisley Nail Art


The polish I stamped with was Zoya Pinta. I love this nail polish shade on it’s own but had never tried it for stamping before this look. I wasn’t sure this would work to stamp since it isn’t super thick or opaque in one coat on my nails, but for stamping it seemed to work. I think it may have to do with the fact that this polish is pretty old. Whatever the reason it ended up working out perfectly to give me crisp lines in this purple paisley nail art look!

I was really pleased with the way this turned out and even though these were random choices to use for this look, they worked well together.

What do you think of this nail art? Leave a comment and let me know!

Oct 6

Quick NOTD: Purple Swirl Nail Art

All my life I have always wanted beautiful long nails but it has taken me a lot of work to get them. I have to be very careful and once one breaks I end up going weeks with short nails. I recently broke one right on the side of the nail and decided that instead of cutting them all down I would be risky and try to reshape all my nails. I’ve always loved the look of almond nails so I took my time and attempted to file mine, and was really pleased with the result. I actually loved the shape on its own (even though it isn’t a perfect almond style) but I decided to spice it up with some purple swirl nail art.

This nail art was so simple to do but combined with my new almond nail shape I think it looks super fancy and I’m really pleased. The silver contrasts so well against the purple and I love the delicate swirl design.

Purple Swirl Nail Art

Purple Swirl Nail Art

What I used to get this look

The items I used for this purple swirl nail art look are the following items:

  • Zoya Savita for the purple base
  • Essie Loophole for the silver stamp colour
  • Konad Square Image Plate #14 for the design
  • Konad stamper and scraper
  • Base coat and top coat

Side note: Zoya Savita is actually a matte nail polish but once I finished the design I did a top coat so it went shiny. It is a beautiful colour both ways but with the stamping it needed some shine.

Another look at my purple swirl nail art

Another look at my purple swirl nail art

Overall this purple swirl nail art took only a few minutes to complete but looks really nice. I love the swirly design on the almond nails, and I love the almond nails on their own so I definitely plan to keep this shape for a while and experiment with more nail art.

May 26

Yes, I have over 500 bottles of nail polish…

When I say I am obsessed with nail polish I really mean it. I know it sounds crazy (and yes, I know it kind of is) but I own over 500 bottles of nail polish. Each and every one is a different colour, finish, and style. They may look like twenty of the same red polish to everyone else but I can tell them all apart.

Since it would take a lot of space on my floor to show you all of my polishes I decided to start by showing one brand at a time. Today I have my Zoya polishes to show you, which I arranged in a cute little rainbow arrangement. This is almost all of the Zoya ones I own, but a few of them didn’t make the photo. I recently moved cities and everything is in boxes all over the place so I have a few stray polishes that didn’t make it in the first trip, but this pretty much sums up my Zoya collection. There are 35 pictured here and Zoya is one of the brands I own the least of because it is harder to get in Canada.

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